TT&M sells high-end professional table tennis brands. Call to see what is in stock. Merchandise is regularly replenished, if you are looking for something specific, we can discuss ordering it from a reputable table tennis carrier. Items that are in stock on a regular basis, custom blades, premade blades, rubbers, carrying cases, cleaners, balls, towels, and other accessories.


Brands we carry:




Custom made blades by Charlie


We can order ping pong tables, from Butterfly, Joola, and other brands at a discount. We also sell table tennis robots, such as Newgy and Paddle Palace Robots. For inquiries on tables or robots, call us at 602-678-1234. If you want to order a Newgy robot, please click this link: BUY NEWGY ROBOTS HERE Or Buy the new POWER PONG Robots HERE!