June  10th

Table Tennis & More
4114 N. 10th Pl., Phoenix, AZ 85014

Sponsored by: Table Tennis & More and Paddle Palace.
Tournament Director: Matthew Winkler
Tournament Referee: Matthew Winkler (CR/CU)

Entry Deadline: Monday, June 4th. All entries have limits, so 1st come 1st serve.
Equipment: 1 Butterfly Centerfold & 3 Xiom tables. Premium Nittaku 40+ mm white balls, sponsored by Paddle Palace. Red mat flooring for all tables.
Eligibility: Must have current USATT General or Associate membership to participate.
Restrictions: See back for event restrictions.
Rules: All USATT rules and dress code will apply.
Additional Information: Contact Matt Email:  matt@tabletennisandmore.com Call: (602) 678-1234
Ratings: The most current ratings available will be used for seeding.

Event                                             Day                          Time                            1st                                       2nd                                ENTRY FEES

1) Mini Giant RR                       Sunday                    9:30 AM                  Group A:                            Group A:                     $30 (21 player limit)

Award & Cash                     Award & Cash
– 1st Round: 7 Groups of 3 (seeded out A, B, C)
– 2nd Round: 3 Groups of 7 (Groups A, B, C)                                       Group B & C                           Group B & C


Award                                     Award

Tournament Policies
1) Unrated players can use league ratings for team event if active and current. TD reserves right to give unrated players ratings.
2 ) No prizes will be awarded for splits, dumps, default losses or no- shows.
3) Tournament committee  reserves  the  right  to  modify  or  cancel  events  if
there are insufficient entries.

ENTER ONLINE, SECURE SERVER, BELOW…A 3% CHARGE WILL OCCUR DUE TO CREDIT CARD PROCESSING.        Please specify when entering online (at checkout screen), any team’s partner’s names. THANK YOU.

ONLINE ENTRY                             COST                                     EVENT                              ENTRY LIMIT                      START TIME

                                $30                                          MINI GRR                                     21                               9:30AM SUNDAY


Donation for prizes, food, new equipment THANK YOU

Optional Donation to TT Team USA National Program

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